Why NewEco?

I am a strategic systems-thinker, passionate about helping companies transform to seize opportunities that restore ecosystems and strengthen communities while driving a healthy economy.

My approach starts with understanding: talking with people, analyzing data, and getting to the root cause of the issue at hand. Once the root cause is identified, I launch a creative process with my clients to identify a range of possible solutions that can then be prioritized based on the value they bring to the business and its stakeholders. I work this way to quickly identify the most efficient and effective solutions that drive tangible results for the environment and society, which may often be ‘outside of the box’ and may require an evolution of the core business. I believe this is the best way to make timely and long-lasting changes. We are working in an era of urgency where the economy, so closely tied to the climate and biodiversity, no longer runs on the models we used in the past. This requires new thinking inside businesses in order to survive and thrive into the 21st century.

photo by Melissa Mullen Photography

Megan Hellstedt