navigating to a sustaining economy

Your guide for changing business as usual.

Business as usual – rewarding ever-growing production and consumption fed by fossil fuels – has poisoned the water, polluted the air, destabilized the climate, increased economic inequality, stressed families, and increased non-communicable diseases. Continuing business as usual puts our communities and our future generations at risk. You know this, and you see examples of it every day, whether that’s in your organization or in the headlines.

You are ready to change business as usual: in your company, in your community, in your organization, or in your life. You are looking for customized support and personal conversations that guide you to doing things differently.

You’ve come to the right place.

I’ll ask questions to help you uncover what changes you can make in ‘business as usual’. I’ll guide you through how you and your organization are positioned to stabilize the climate, increase equality, restore nature, and strengthen the fabric of communities. I’ll collaborate with you and your partners, helping you navigate to leadership in a new economy.

photo by Melissa Mullen Photography

Megan Hellstedt