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navigating to a regenerative economy
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Your guide for changing business as usual.

You are ready for support in understanding how your organization can contribute to a regenerative economy, one that restores and rebuilds nature while benefiting people’s well-being.

You want your organization to be more rooted in your community and be part of building that community’s resilience for the future.

You want your business or non-profit to restore nature and contribute meaningfully to reining in climate change.

You are looking for a partner to help weave climate strategies and actions across departments, engaging colleagues to accelerate action.

You are ready to connect with partners outside your organization to collaborate on some of society’s biggest crises but you’re not sure where to begin.

You are looking for targeted support from an adept, flexible sustainability professional with deep knowledge of the environment.

You’ve come to the right place.

I’ll help you uncover how your organization relates to nature and your community. I’ll help you apply that knowledge to build a stronger organization, one that is connected, collaborating, and better prepared for an uncertain future.

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Megan Hellstedt

Guiding organizations to be part of a regenerative economy

✵ Understand connections: interrelationships between your organization, nature, and your community

✵ Understand impacts: collect and analyze data that shows how your organization impacts and is impacted by climate change, biodiversity loss, and other global shifts

✵ Chart your course: establish clear, actionable goals on climate change, biodiversity, and community resilience

✵ Make it happen: engage across your organization and with external partners

Mentoring early-career climate & sustainability leaders

✵ Deep sustainability experience: helping you accelerate strategic action within your organization, without needing a big team

✵ Build connections: strong network to connect you to people and organizations doing similar work

✵ Engage to accelerate progress: define roles and responsibilities to make sure your climate and sustainability goals are embedded across your organization

Building community climate resilience

✵ Understand vulnerabilities: review and interpret data on how communities will be impacted by climate change

✵ Collaborate: build strong network among organizations, business, and municipalities to advance climate action

✵ Confirm priorities: identify which actions have the greatest impact and make a clear implementation plan

✵ Make it happen: establish a stable structure and financing that accelerates action